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Algorithm Development for Vision and X-ray Imaging

3D X-ray Inspection

xray x-ray image slice 3DWhen double sided PCB are inspected, x-ray inspection of either side of the PCB is difficult to inspect as parts are obstructed from the other side. In order to remove the obstruction from the other side of the PCB, advanced imaging techniques can separate the topside and the bottom sides of the PCB.

3D Tomosynthesis

It is possible to inspect fully populated PCB assemblies without compromising quality. Using 3D image acquisition techniques, we can create 3D slices that can be inspected for defects. This is really useful in detecting BGA defects or other leaded defects.


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Benefits of 3D X-ray Inspection

Please contact us with samples that you might want to analyze and the problems that you are facing. Let us find an appropriate solution that will fit your needs. 3D X-ray inspection can be used to detect many defects (but not limited to):