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Algorithm Development for Vision and X-ray Imaging


The Tape and Reel system is used to inspect chips while they are still in the reel to be used for pick and place machines.

Errors occur while placing the parts into the tape. These errors can cause problems downstream in the process. It is therefore important to remove these before they are used in the pick and place machine.

Errors occuring durign the pick and place process can not only reject entire reels but it creates a nightmare to be repaired later.

Reel and Tape Machine

Once sealed, the parts are very difficult to inspect from the outside. Soemtimes the parts are so small they are barely visible to the eye.

Using x-ray inspection you can not only see the parts magnified, you can inspect them for numerous possible defects.



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Defects Detected during X-ray Inspection

We can detect many defects in such a system without damaging the tape as we can see through it with x-rays. The defects detected are

•Broken parts
•Misaligned or Rotated Parts
•Missing Parts
•Improperly Soldered Heat Sinks