DigiX Scientific

Algorithm Development for Vision and X-ray Imaging


Founded in 2007, Digix Scientific offers innovative, scientifc and modern x-ray inspection solutions to your non-destructive test problems. We have strong foundation in x-ray image analysis and non-destructive test of different materials.

We have over 30 years of experience developing proven systems and subsystems for the most demanding inspection and diagnostic applications. Our industrial applications have been focused but not limited to the following products:

  • Real time x-ray inspection of automotive airbag assembly and airbag components verification.
  • Automated x-ray inspection of solder connections on printed circuit board.
  • In-line factory inspection of food products and industrial components.
  • 2D and 3D hardware and software for x-ray vision application.
  • Image processing algorithm development and pattern recognition.
  • Imaging system characterization.
  • Real time software design, development and optimization.
  • Application development framework of automated inspection for part setup.
  • Custom Automated and Manual Inspection Machine Development.
  • Automated x-ray inspection solutions for manual machines.
  • Automated inspection of packages in Tape and Reels.
  • Inspection of PCB in Automated Sprinkler Timers


DigiX Scientific LLC

Benefits of X-ray Inspection

Please contact us with samples that you might want to analyze and the problems that you are facing. Let us find an appropriate solution that will fit your needs. X-ray inspection leads to :

•Increased Yields
•Reduced Wastage
•Consistent Quality 24/7
•Improved Product Quality
•Less Labor Intensive