DigiX Scientific

Algorithm Development for Vision and X-ray Imaging


Founded in 2007, Digix Scientific offers innovative, scientifc and modern x-ray inspection solutions to your non-destructive test problems. We have strong foundation in x-ray image analysis and non-destructive test of different materials.

Our Focus

While we have experience with many different modalities, our main focus has been in x-ray image analysis and image analysis software. We have 60+ yers of 3D and 2D automated x-ray image architectures and analysis. We have provided effective 3D solutions to several major 3D playes in the world. Our members have been pioneers in automated x-ray inspection in both 2D and 3D arenas.

Every PCB inspection vendor these days needs a x-ray solution. As parts have become smaller, there is loss of access for validation. X-rays fill this picture well as it not only does the structural defects that vision can do but also ones that vision cannot penetrate such as BGA devices or other shielded parts. In addition for enhanced inspection for finer details and analysis of occluded parts there is 3D x-ray inspection. We have many years of experience in x-ray inspection and 3D x-ray inspection and we can help you get to your target very quickly.


DigiX Scientific LLC

Benefits of X-ray Inspection

Please contact us with samples that you might want to analyze and the problems that you are facing. Let us find an appropriate solution that will fit your needs. X-ray inspection leads to :

•Increased Yields
•Reduced Wastage
•Consistent Quality 24/7
•Improved Product Quality
•Less Labor Intensive